Ocean Alexander

National Marine Exhaust has custom designed aftermarket Ocean Alexander exhaust parts to:

  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Reduce noise
  • Last longer
  • Provide quiet confidence

National Marine Exhaust services the entire exhaust system, from turbo to transom. Have questions about risers or riser cans, wet or dry marine mufflers, collectors, or bellows on your Meridian or Maxum Yacht? Contact us.

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See the difference in the quality and performance of our parts. The photo gallery shows before and after spray patterns of a factory Ocean Alexander spray ring and a National Marine Exhaust modified spray ring. Our spray rings are able to cool exhaust gasses significantly better. We quality check flow test our spray rings to check the spray pattern, flow and back pressure on the pump on every order.

  • Ocean Alexander exhaust riser before spray ring modification.

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